About Caribbean Secondary School

Caribbean... A voyage through the Sea of Knowledge and Wisdom

Students, their experience and their future is what matters to us most at Caribbean which is why, we offer a friendly and supportive environment for the students. We would like to take all students for the Caribbean Cruise on a voyage through the sea of knowledge and wisdom facing challenges as we make the journey to our mission in life as fruitful and adventurous as possible.

Caribbean School / College is a digital age college, where the best innovative, practical and visionary teaching and learning come together within a beautiful setting that caters to achieve these goals. We have strived through tough tides to become an exemplary college-successful, progressive, disciplinary and dynamic yet friendly, liberal and approachable; a dream college for today's young generation.

Caribbean offers vibrant and stimulating environment for academics and an equally dynamic environment outside the classroom to have an all round development of the mind and body of a student. In the same way, it offers innovation and excellence in the Secondary School (10+2) Level educational programs across a broad range of disciplines. At Caribbean, students from different parts of Nepal meet representing multicultural, multilingual and ethnical background. It is interesting to see students from diverse background come to a common platform of achievement and success. We strongly believe in "Unity in Diversity" which has been a success story since our inception.

The creative ideas of our highly qualified and experienced faculties besides the groundbreaking results in academia navigating us to our destinations. We aim to contribute to the nation and the world as a whole by instilling intelligence, hardwork, patience, tolerance, sense of ethics, and most importantly self belief and confidence within our students

The Caribbean Voyage can be a major turning-point in life for students. We don't just teach them but we equip them to learn for and from life. We believe that every individual is special and we try to cater to the individual needs of the students and believe that every individual has a contribution to make in this voyage.

We have always succeeded in making our voyages as fun and fulfilling as possible. So, don't miss the boat and be a part of Caribbean Voyage now.