Get Socialized Academically


A little knowledge goes a long way. More knowledge certainly goes longer. It's always wise to participate in the Orientation Program as you will come to know where you are heading toward.

Attending the Caribbean Orientation program is a must if you want to get the best possible jump start to your academic and social life at secondary school. Each year, we plan a series of information sessions and fun activities specially designed to assist you to familiarize yourself with life at Caribbean. The program includes: information and assistance with finding suitable accommodation enrolling in your program and meeting academic and support staff ; cultural adjustment accessing academic and personal support services.

Academic Personal Counseling

Counseling staff are committed to offer confidential services for a variety of personal and academic concerns. The counseling services are available without charge to all students as well as to their parents.

Professional Development

Caribbean is committed to the professional development of our teaching team. We regularly hold in-house professional development sessions. In addition, we regularly invite leading educators in the field to teach the teachers new and innovative teaching methodologies.

Well come and Farewell Socialization

Conducting various programme related to society  

  • Hotel Management Tour
  • Travel and Tourism Tour
  • Sociology and Mass communication Fild Trips
  • Biological Excursion
  • Industrial visit
  • Various Educational tour inside Nepal and India