Chairperson's Message

Today, we live in an era where the world is pacing very fast. Especially in the developing countries like Nepal industrialization is rapidly taking place. Our neighboring countries India and China have emerged as economic superpowers. High intellectual ability combined with strong academic background and capacity for hard work is the work force required everywhere.

In the context of Nepal, my managerial experience over dozens of business organization in and out of the country has made me realize the fact that how important the quality workforce for the organization is. Sound professional qualifications are the most important credentials required for today�s youth to succeed in this scenario. Getting the right education is the first big step to launch into a rewarding career. To overcome an acute shortage for qualified manpower, Caribbean college directs its effort to nurture quality manpower. Young people with talent and the required qualifications can easily find lucrative career openings in different sectors. Caribbean College provides highly innovative skill oriented human resource in the field of management which empower the new generation to get the right career break . The institution not only provides students with quality education but also groom them to face life with confidence.

Excellence in education is the driving principle at Caribbean College. No effort is spared in providing students with a focused academic environment which nurtures complete development of personality. I, on behalf of whole Caribbean Educational Foundation, welcome you heartily to be the part of our family not only during study but also after the study as an employee, entrepreneur, shareholder, strategic partner...

Degendra Kumar Shrestha