Vice Principal's Message

Many questions trigger the parents to worry and give nightmares to the parents about the future of their children. In today's world, where everything has become a mere commodity including the education system, parents are finding it very hard and often get into dilemma when it comes to choosing the right school for their children, a school that imparts a holistic education, and enable students to utilize the full potential of mind, body and spirit to acquire knowledge and wisdom.

In the rising milieu of schools in Nepal, Caribbean school is a class apart in providing the best of modern educational practices along with imparting our rich culture and appreciating the value of a good education and respect for the teachers. It believes that the true purpose of education to nurture a child's mind in developing the wings of imagination that motivates the child to soar high beyond the horizon of education and motivates him/ her to explore the unknown.

It's also a place which embraces the future. It's enriched by a culture of participation where all our students contribute to the many interests and activities that are such a part of our School. It's a place that not only recognizes the value of each individual but where every day our students enjoy the unexpected successes and achievements that happen when we work together, testing ourselves, learning from each other and trying something new as part of a team. Vibrant, busy, supportive, friendly; Caribbean is a lively learning community, where every child can find their niche.

We can proudly claim that the students will be benefitted in Caribbean which has been established to translate its motto "Where the academic excellence sails" into practice. It has directed its endeavor to provide quality education without compromising anything. I welcome you all in Caribbean to sail in the academic ocean of Caribbean.

Best wishes,
Hari Bahadur Khatri
Vice Principal