Gorashika Thapa
Grade: IX A

Caribbean School is the place where the academic excellence sails. Since I joined this school, I am very delighted to be a member. The school gives many facilities and encourages us on positive thinking. There are dedicated teachers who are qualified and teach students in proper way. This school has given me the opportunity to take part in many activities in school and outside. I have now developed my confidence to face people and speak with them.

Ojash Shakya
Grade: IX A

I have been studying in this school for nearly 10 years. In these years, I have never found any reason to leave this school as the education provided by this school is of high quality with qualified and friendly teachers. The students are encouraged to be involved in various cocurricular programs and extra-curricular activities relating to our interest. The school also motivates us to involve in practical education rather than theoretical education.

Anush Maharjan
Grade: VIII B

As the tagline o our school mentions “Where the academic excellence sails”, teachers really put best of their effort to teach their students. The school has provided everything that we may require. Through the learning process, the school has increased my confidence. I am surrounded in a very calm environment and have a good peer-circle where I can be open-minded and be myself.

Isha Thapa
Grade: VIII A

I have been studying in this school for more than 5 years. In previous years, I was very shy and used to be a silent girl before joining this school. But within the years I spent in this school, I was taught to be more confident and began participating in all kinds of school activities which transformed me to better version of me. With popular votes of students, I even succeeded to take responsible job as School Vice-Captain. Our school not only focuses on studies but also teach us to be a better being.

Yogant Maharjan
Grade: VII B

Caribbean School is the best I have ever seen. This school provides very friendly environment. The teachers are very understanding and help us to solve every problem. This school also organizes very unique and different extra activities and programs. The Student Council members are also very supportive. Every student shines like a diamond after being the member of this school.

Swornima K.C.
Grade: VII A

In Caribbean School, we get to learn many new and interesting things. I have completed 7 years in this school with joy and happiness. Everyone gets equal opportunity here. I would like to thank Caribbean team for being so supportive and encouraging us to learn things physically, mentally and practically. The teachers are very helpful and teach us in a creative and understandable way. Everyone here is friendly and caring. We get proper education in this school.