Principal's Message


Caribbean School has provided an environment where the children are first of all happy to be at school with their friends and teachers. A child wanting to come to school is in itself a positive note to start the day. After having worked at Shuvatara School for 14 years in the capacity of a Vice Principal then at Rupy International School for 3 years as the Principal and for another 3 years at Ace Institute of Management as the Associate Director I think I have finally found my home at Caribbean and plan to take it to new heights. What I have experienced here is that the students are very hardworking and have a willingness to learn.

The school has created an environment where children have an opportunity to explore different areas of development. The philosophy of the school is an all round development and individual care for each and every child.

From this year we are focusing on Grade Teaching with thematic teaching methodology for our primary. We already have the Midas E- classroom for the juniors in Maths and Science and this year we plan to introduce Social Science as well. For the seniors we will be using the digital E-classrooms in areas of Science, Mathematics, English and Social Science wherever possible. This will help the students to understand the concept of the subject with the help of visuals and sounds effects. We plan to have proper planning to focus the senior students with the SLC preparation. We will be launching the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Programme for ECA activities.

We believe that all students have unique talents, whether in academics, sports, communication, technology, art, craft or drama. We would expect the cooperation of all parents for the overall development of the students.

We welcome you and your child to successful years of achievement and success at Caribbean.

Chandrayan P. Shrestha