Message from In-Charges


It has been many years since we have been associated in the field of education with students in schools. We believe it is of utmost importance that we focus our attention  on what children require in the way of education to be able to  fit in globally and excel in whatever they strive  to do. Therefore the choice of school is crucial  as the foundation is the building  block of the future  of the children

From  the time of joining Caribbean School, we found the children are happy to be at school. We also see a lot of potential  in the students and the Caribbean school environment  is very congenial, caring as well as challenging where every opportunity  is provided  for the students  to participate , compete and excel  in every filed; be it  academics , creative, arts, sports, computers, environment , culture, moral values and social welfare.

We believe , ìEvery child is special and talentedí and therefore we focus to help children to home their talents and at the same time encourage them to be an overall complete individual by giving them a holistic development. Right from the pre-school, our teaching methods are based ë Learning is doingí, our approach  is student centered with a lot of activities, where the students are involved actively. Children  learn most when they are secure, hence a lot of emphasis is given on the psychosocial  environment  where children  feel safe, happy and  cared for. Another aspect  we focus is Positive  Discipline , so children know the boundaries of behavior. 

To sum up, along with academics, in Caribbean School we educate students about the children about the environment, creative arts , social and moral values, the diverse cultures found in Nepal, celebration of different festivals with activity based lessons which are student using modern technologies combined with tried and tested methods. 

A hearty welcome to al to the Caribbean Family!

Secondary In-charge