From the Chair Person's Desk

A big congratulation for your success story of SEE examinations. And a warm welcome to the new batch of students for Grade XI - at Caribbean. We are always at your disposal to help you shape a better future. We can make a claim that we have the practical experience of grooming up better future citizens out of the sea of fresh and deserving students like you.

We believe, we can make you our mission to the story of success with our academic innovation and with the exploration of your ability in all the ways possible. Every year so many students from all over the country come and become a part of Caribbean. It forms a multicultural as well as multilingual society here.

Caribbean Secondary School is now heading toward systemic transformation to better management, administration and academics. The team of innovators at Caribbean have always been successful at motivating students at work to set up and to meet the target through academic and career counseling excellence.

We have always been successful at making our students explore their hidden potentials through our professional faculties and their expertise. Thus, the students have tended to become better achievers when in Caribbean.

We do value student's academic achievement. We emphasize more on student's self development and adhere to our values. You can persue your learning in a pleasing environment at our campus as our focus is to develop a student into a global leaner. I once again welcome you at our college to get your bright future ensured.

Er. Degendra K. Shrestha