About School

Caribbean School is located in the heart of Patan under the umbrella of the Caribbean Educational Foundation since 2007. It has dared to dream to sail everyone into the Caribbean of academic career from preschool to high school. To realize this, Caribbean school has become the focal point of its management team of prominent personalities from diverse profiles who possess the successful experience of plus two, bachelors and masters level program. This ensures a definite accomplishment.


To create a community of successful learners and leaders who will be able to access information through the appropriate use of written, oral and technological resources to contribute to the nation's development.


Provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his/her full potential and meet the academic, social, technological and emotional needs required to prepare him/her for success in a rapidly changing world.


  • To create excellent learning environment.
  • To provide quality education with skilled and experienced faculty with adequate teaching resources.
  • To focus on overall growth and the all round development of the students.
  • To make the students aware of the global environment.